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Gothic Jewelry Scroll Branch Ornate Frame
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Eye Talisman necklace
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Steampunk faery necklace
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Sterling Garnet window ring
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry PMC Skull Pendant Sorcery Collection
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Egyptian scarab steampunk necklace
UPDATE 2-28-14:
At Current, we are moving the studio & our home. Once we are settled, I will get to posting the new designs. If you are in the local Bay Area, you can check out the shop 'distractions' on upper Haight Street, as they are now carrying some limited Eyescream Art Jewelry Originals (scarabs, conjoined skeletal twins, and some other lovelies). More to come. ~X~

UPCOMING Events: Monday March 24th, Death Guild 21st Anniversary Night at the DNA Lounge SF.

Newest Site Updates, Will occur here on the Homepage for ease. I can't believe the EyescreamJewelry.com site, has been online for 13yrs. Thank you for coming back and supporting my art.
As Always...More to come.
* Special Note: 41 Albums have been uploaded into my Darkmuse.com shop for your listening & or purchase/download pleasure. Support independant Artists this Holiday and All year round! ~Ruby~X~
Newest Creation Posted in the Shop...
Gothic Jewelry Ornate Frame SQ
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Slide2 Black Triple Raven Necklace
Eyescream Gothic Jewelry Shop Dragonfly Necklace Bone Spiral Hoop Earrings
Gothic Jewelry Dark Altered art skulls
Gothic Jewelry Tribal Nouveau Stone
Gothic Jewelry Artifacts Macabre
Gothic Jewelry Scrimshaw within Artifacts Macabre
Gothic Steampunk Jewelry Vintage Key Pendants
Original Gothic Bat Necklace and Bat Jewelry
Gothic Medieval Jewelry Eye Totem Talisman Mandala